Pre-Order, Pro-Order & In-stock Buying

Whether your buying small or large Tradehost® has a buying option for your business.

Pre-Order Buying Advantage

Placing large production orders with manufactures gives you buying power and reduces the per-unit-cost. The disadvantage is the large investment and inventory risk for one SKU. Pre-Order allows buyers to group buy and place production size orders without having to take on the large investment and inventory risk.

How Pre-Order Works

Manufactures will setup a pre-sale with a defined minimum goal for production. A start and end date is scheduled for the goal. Multiple buyers can pledge the quantity as a pre-order. Once the goal quantity is reached the pre-sale is confirmed.

At the end of a pre-sale that has reached its goal the buyers that have placed a pre-order will be billed 30% of their order and the reaming balance will be charged when the order is shipped. If a goal is not reached by the defined end-date the buyer is not billed

Pre-Order Billing Example:

  1.  The pledge is 10 units at $10 a unit an order total of $100: $O Down
  2.  Goal reached pre-sale ends first payment of 30%: $30
  3.  Order ships to buyer paying remaining balance of 70%: $70

Pro-Order Buying Advantage

For seasoned buyers that want to order a successful product directly from a manufacture. Pro-Order allows buyers to place MOQ factory production quantity orders now. Many pro-order items are available to be customized, branded and custom packaged at an additional cost. Pro-Orders are ideal for retailers / distributors looking to increase profit margins by offering an inhouse brand or brands looking for a low risk way to expand their product selection.

How Pro-Orders Work

Buyers place a predefined minimum order quantity with a down payment of 30%. Request customization options to be quoted. When production finished and order is ready to ship the remaining balance is paid.

Pro-Order Billing Example:

  1. 500 units at $10 a unit an order total of $5,000, 30% down payment:$1,500 Down
  2. Order ships to buyer paying remaining balance of 70% + Customization Fees: $3,500

Quoted Pro-Orders

Large quantity Pro-Orders may be available by “Quoted Order”. Tradehost will work with the manufacture to insure the lowest possible cost and shipping timeline.

Buying Products In-stock

Marketplace vendors have a large selection of in-stock items ready to ship.

Buying In-Stock Items

Tradehost has a large selection of in-stock items that are inventoried buy marketplace vendors and direct from Tradehost. In-stock items can help you catch sales now and test new product performance with an in-house branded item.

How In-stock Orders Work

Buyers can browse or in-stock inventory sections and look for product labeled “in-stock”.  Buyers place a predefined minimum order quantity (paid in full). The order is then shipped directly to the buyer.