Pre-Order Feature

With, you can pool resources with other members through our Pre-Order feature to access Variety of Unique Items at Factory Direct Prices and Low Minimums!

A Pre-Order Listing will allow suppliers/seller to test sell, sell On-The-Way, or Promote New Products. This feature allows suppliers/seller ability to access and list products that:

  1. are not available in the general public market;
  2. very limited in quantity;
  3. or are unique/revolutionary.

The Pre-Order feature is a TradeHost innovation. It will help you grow your business, while reducing your risk. In short, instead of one company buying at a high minimum order quantity (MOQ), the MOQ is shared among many. If the MOQ isn’t reached, the item isn’t ordered and no one is charged.

  • For example:
  • A Supplier required a MOQ of 1500 pcs, and the initial cost may post a challenge to most small/mid business owners.
  • At TradeHost, we start the presale program we get the process started by placing an initial order of 350 pcs.
  • Order 2 makes an additional order of 500 pcs. This size of 850 pcs order gets a discount price.
  • Order 3 makes an order of 500 pcs and the MOQ is almost meet.
  • Order 4 makes an order of 150 pcs and now the MOQ has been reached, and the order can be placed.

MOQ 1500 pcs

Ordre 1: 350 pcs
Ordre 2: 500 pcs
Ordre 3: 500 pcs
Ordre 4: 150 pcs

This simple example illustrates the concept, but there is much more to it. When a Pre-Order New Inventory item goes on sale, buyers can order samples to ensure the quality, will have an opportunity to cancel or change their order quantity before orders are filled and billed.

Payment for Pre-Order Listing

Once you placed the order for presale items, your may see a temporary authorization of funds at the time of pledging before a Pre-Order Listing ended:

  1. Once Pre-Order Listing period is ended, reaches its MOQ and confirmed by the seller, you will get a notification regarding your order is confirmed and the card is being charged;
  2. If the Pre-Order Listing does not reach its MOQ, but the seller is confirmed to proceed, you will also get a notification regarding your order is confirmed and the card is being charged;
  3. If the Pre-Order Listing does not reach its MOQ, and the seller is not confirmed to proceed, your card is never charged.

This pending charge won't be processed until your order gets confirmed as the campaign period stated in the Pre-Order Listing ended. After the campaign period ended, a 30% non-refundable down payment to the total order amount will be charged, and the remaining 70% will be charged when the items are shipped.